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US Property Owners Still Operating The Old Way

Jamie McDermott 22 January 2015

US property owners still operating the old way.

The majority of apartment owners in Southern California are still using

spreadsheets or manual methods to manage their properties. This is one of the

key findings recently released by Software Advice – an independent software

research company that talks with thousands of apartment managers looking for

the right solution for managing their property.

53% said they are still using spreadsheets or manual methods to manage

apartment properties, while 33% said they use management software. The

research also uncovered that the property management functions in highest

demand were tenant/lease tracking, and maintenance and accounting, which

were requested by 66% of the 385 people interviewed. Furthermore, 55%

requested they wanted web-based software, whereas 43% were still undecided.

Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management software designed to deliver

better residential and commercial property returns. Its interactive dashboard

allows you to view key dates and tasks keeping you on top of important dates

relating to tenants or leases.

As a cloud solution, Re-Leased gives you the freedom to access your information

anytime, anywhere, whilst only paying a monthly subscription and avoiding on-

site costs. Being a Xero add-on partner, Re-Leased seamlessly integrates with

Xero accounting software so you’re not jumping between different platforms

when juggling accounts and property tasks.

Source: Apartment Management Software BuyerView 2014

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