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Re-Leased's Commercial & Residential Property Management Software Update

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Re-Leased's Commercial & Residential Property Management Software Update

Jamie McDermott 22 June 2017

Re-Leased's Commercial & Residential Property Management Software Update

Re-Leased Product Update - June, 2017

This month we have a number of very exciting Re-Leased property software product updates, including a redesigned header, enhanced global search, rent and outgoings templates, contacts import and much more.

A Redesigned header and enhanced global search - Intuitive and powerful Property Management Software

New design   ipad

Starting today, Re-Leased has a new look and an enhanced global search. The re-designed header will make it easier to navigate and the enhanced global search provides you with clearly grouped search results.

You can select the ‘All...’ option at the bottom of each column of the search results to view all returned results in a specific area of the application.

Global search gif

It’s also worth noting that the ‘My Account’ and ‘Sign Out’ options are now hiding behind your avatar. This might be a good opportunity to add a fun picture to help differentiate you as a user within Re-Leased.

My account zoom image

Rent and Outgoings/ Service Charge Templates - Straight from your Property Management software

The latest update to Re-Leased brings you more control over how and when tenants are charged for Outgoings/ Service Charges. Instead of being forced to fit Outgoings/ Service Charge expenses into the Rent cycle, you can now create multiple Outgoings/ Service Charge invoice templates that are completely independent of the Rent template (although you can still include Outgoings/ Service Charges on the Rent template if you wish).

Rent and outgoings template

The screen has been revamped to provide you a Summary of current Rent and Outgoings/ Service Charge templates, or you can view them individually should you wish to view past and future templates as well.

And to give you even more control over how tenants receive their invoices, you can now select which of your custom PDF templates to use with each Rent or Outgoings/ Service Charge template. This means you can include reference to regulatory acts specific to Rent payments, or instruct tenants to pay their Outgoings/ Service Charges into a separate account. The choice is yours! Check out the video below for a brief summary.

Click here to watch a video on this:

Contacts import - Bulk import contacts into your Property Management software with ease

Bulk contant import

Importing contacts in bulk is now a reality with this latest product update. If you have seen the Property or Tenancy import process then you’ll already be familiar with the general concept, and now you can do the same for contacts. If you have a list of creditors that need to be imported the contacts import tool will let you do that in bulk with ease.

You can even use it to update existing contacts. Just go to Contacts > Import Contacts and download an example template to see if it’s something that you could make use of.

Lease Break Clauses - Tenancy feature updates

If a Lease Break Clause has been included in a tenancy agreement, this can now be recorded in Re-Leased alongside the terms of the tenancy. Multiple Fixed or Rolling Break Dates can be specified and you can customise the notification period accordingly. There is also a great little feature that will generate multiple breaks for you just by entering the Term Start Date, the occurrence of the breaks and the notification period.

Lease Break events will be added to the Calendar on the Final Notification Date, so you will be reminded when a break needs to be actioned. Exercising the Option also gives you the option to go through the vacate term wizard at the same time, so you can complete the whole process at once.

Lease Breaks have also been added to the Events Report to give you an overview of all Lease Breaks across all tenancies.

Ability to exclude owners from a disbursement if there has been no activity since the last owner statement [for Client/ Trust Accounting clients]

Creating owner statements in a matter of seconds is one of the great things that user of client/ trust accounting love about the system. Sometimes though, there will be a time when you want to run a disbursement without producing owner statements for those owners who have had no ledger activity since they last received a statement from you. They don’t need to get the same information over and over again, especially when you are wanting to disburse them to release funds from only one of their ledgers when they may have three or four… or twenty!

As of today, you can now select to exclude owners from a disbursement if their ledgers have had no activity since they last received a statement. It isn’t necessarily a requirement that the ledger has zero funds; in fact there are plenty of times when you still have funds on the ledger but sending a statement isn’t desired.

If an owner has no ledgers with activity, then they are simply unticked for you on the owner selection screen of the disbursement - as easy as that! However, if they have multiple ledgers, some with activity and some without, only the ledgers with activity will have a statement generated. In this case the owner will be selected to be included in the disbursement but on the report generation screen some of their statements will show as being skipped.

Below is a video running through the feature in a bit more detail. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.

Click here to watch a video on this:


Enhancements to the Correspondence Report

The Correspondence Report now includes the email address to which an email was sent and the mobile number to which an SMS was sent to provide extra clarity. These details have also been added to the correspondence items when individually viewed and they can now be individually downloaded.

Direct on-charge expense invoices to tenants [For clients integrated with Xero]

After relating a tenancy to an expense invoice our clients who enjoy the integration with Xero can now nominate the invoice to be on-charged directly to the tenant. Re-Leased will create the corresponding income invoice for you on the spot and you just need to authorise it. That invoice will then sit awaiting payment like any other income invoice. Email a copy to the tenant and you’re good to go!

Description of statement fee to include date raised [For Client/ Trust Accounting clients]

In an effort to make owner statements easier to read we decided a while ago that any owner statement fees should be charged to a nominated ledger, rather than trying to split small amounts across ledgers with available funds.

While we are really happy that this has reduced the amount of confusion around owner statements, there is still the possibility that a ledger against which a statement fee is charged simply has insufficient funds to cover that fee. In this case the fee will sit there until a future disbursement when it can be paid. This means that it is likely that a future disbursement could contain two owner statement fees and so in an effort to reduce the confusion we have made a change to how owner statement fees are worded.

The fee now shows with the date on which it was originally raised alongside it. This means an owner who is not charged one month but charged twice the next month can easily see that the two fees relate to different periods.

We’re constantly working hard to innovate and improve Re-Leased, building the most powerful commercial and residential property management software for property managers, property owners and managing agents, and we love receiving your feedback.

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