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Re-Leased User Roles and Permissions Have Arrived!

Re-Leased User Roles and Permissions Have Arrived!

James Dearsley 16 February 2017

You asked, we delivered. We're very excited to announce the launch of our NEW feature: User Roles!

This powerful feature is a real milestone for Re-Leased that gives admins the ability to set specific user permissions within a role for individual team members, straight from the 'Settings' menu.

h1. Give Your Commercial Property Team the Right Level of Access

We designed this feature to give you full control over each team member's access of their Re-Leased account.

If you think that restricting specific areas of the Re-Leased App to certain team members would be of benefit to you then all you need to do is go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Maintain User Roles’. From there you can look at and tweak our pre-formatted roles, or you can create one of your very own.

There is a huge amount of flexibility available to you, but you don't be overwhelmed by the options. Find out how user roles and permissions work on our knowledge base.

h2. An Extra Layer of Security For Your Property Management Team with Advanced User Permissions

Previously, all users within Re-Leased had access every part of the system and, in order to avoid changing anyone’s permissions - causing all kinds of confusion - we have automatically set *all users as Administrators*. This means that if you’d like to put some restrictions in place for your team members then you’ll need to go and set that up.

Once you have a role customised to your preferences you can assign each role to an individual user via ‘Users’ under the ‘Settings’ menu.

That’s really all there is to it so have a go at setting up your users with a User Role today!

The Re-Leased Team