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PropTech News: 27 February - 5th March

PropTech News: 27 February - 5th March

James Dearsley 03 March 2017

Commercial Property: Disruptive Innovations Drive the Industry

Being an ancient industry, it comes as no surprise that property has remained stagnant in its traditional approach to sales and management, as the larger companies have fallen victim to a successful routine. This is now changing, as the world of Real Estate is experiencing a drastically disruptive technological push from a range of fields that in the coming years will test the adaptability of many industry giants.

Leveraged primarily through cloud technologies, a delightful diversity of PropTech companies have emerged over recent years in the areas of blockchain, shared platforms, robotics, virtual reality, data analytics and artificial intelligence. The influence of these developments have clouded the commercial market with a challenge of excitement and uncertainty. Younger firms finally have the upper-hand, as their smaller size translates to a more dynamic structure that allows for a more rapid absorption of these new innovations. Furthermore, subscription based cloud software do not demand heavy onsite installations or interferences, nor large upfront capital investments, making it well within the budget.

Source: Property Week
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Technical Team Up

PropTech and FinTech have joined forces to tackle the increasing plight of rental demand worldwide. A symbiotic dependence has emerged to aid the struggling search for solutions in mortgage broking, digital mortgage lending, real estate investment and property focused influences. The two rapidly expanding technological frontiers have combined forces to produce companies such as Trussle, Lending Home, The House Crowd and REalyse that have revolutionised the approach to property management.

Source: Estate Agent Today

The Perks of Cloud Based Property Management Software (PMS)

A growing portfolio demands a larger allocation of time and money towards general administrative tasks, and once these resources are exhausted growth momentum is constricted. Powerful PMS systems, such as Re-Leased, work to automate everyday operations and thus catalyse the efficiency of running a diverse portfolio. PMS’s also provide imperative analytical functions for monitoring and controlling various elements of an individual asset or the portfolio as a hole.

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