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New upgrades, new features

Jamie McDermott 07 March 2013

When building a software application it is much harder to decide what to leave out than what to put in.

When we first began to plan and build Re-Leased, we found ourselves exploding with new ideas for great features and tools to help us reach our ultimate goal – to be the best property software program available. The problem with this is that each one of these features takes considerable time to build. If we built every feature right from the beginning, we probably would be planning our launch for Xerocon 2050! Consequently, we had had to design our application so it could be launched in a reasonable amount of time, while ensuring that the features we did launch were as awesome and functional as we planned. We also realised that just because we think a feature might be cool, it is worthless if our users don’t agree and won’t use it. No one likes a program which is half full of redundant features!

So we went about designing our first release. Which we have ingeniously titled ‘Stage 1′ (we should really think of something more catchy). Though it was tough leaving some of our exciting features from this stage, we ultimately see this as a positive. We plan to keep in very close contact with our users as they come on board with Re-Leased, because at the end of the day it’s our users that should determine what they need to run their property portfolio successfully. We plan to listen to the feedback and add the best features and upgrades into the system. We also now have a huge list of features of our own that we will soon begin to regularly roll out.

So here we are, Stage 1 is up and running. We are incredibly proud of the system so far. We think it is a great base package to start this journey with and we can’t wait to grow and improve it as we continue moving forward.

If you have any ideas for us already we would love to hear from you. Please send them into or add them into the comments of this blog.

P.S. If you are really curious about some of new features we won’t make you wait too long, ‘Stage 2’ is already half built…