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New Team Spotlight: Sam Howie - Marketing & Demand Generation, UK

Richard Kennedy 22 February 2016

Since we launched in the United Kingdom earlier this year, we’re growing the team and will be showcasing Re-Leased’s newest talent from around the globe. This week we’re introducing Sam Howie who heads up Marketing & Demand Generation for the UK. With a background in content lead demand generation and technology, Sam’s excited about growing Re-Leased’s brand in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sam believes that in order to create strong marketing presence you need to encompasses a combination of the left brain and right brain – where creative and emotional meets rational and logical.

In 2012, Sam was one of the founders of an Auckland based B2B marketing startup called Aamplify, and over the past four years he has lived and breathed content, technology and brand. Since helping grow the company and open offices in Australia and North America, Sam has been searching for a new challenge. He’s found it with Re-Leased – a disruptive company, making waves on a global scale.

Although marketing is his passion, he’s no stranger to the rugby field and has played premier rugby for Auckland’s Ponsonby Rugby Club in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Since living in London, Sam can be found sampling some of Europe’s finest beers and destinations in his spare time, always seeking the next new and exotic place to travel.

You can read Sam’s recent blog post about Millennials in the workplace here, and connect with Sam on LinkedIn here.