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New Team Spotlight: Rudolf Arada - Product Manager & Business Analyst, NZ

Nathan Stanogias 09 May 2016

This week we’re introducing Rudolf Arada, our latest product expert based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rudolf is a seasoned product manager with experience in product development, project management, and team leadership. Excited with the prospect of making an impact in a new industry through an innovative solution, Rudolf joined Re-Leased as the product manager and business analyst practice lead. His role includes planning and managing the product roadmap, scoping product development, and supporting business analysis and product testing activities.

Rudolf is passionate about creating intuitive, simple, and beautiful solutions that give end users an awesome experience. With a background in customer service and delivery, he analyses the product behavior and logic from a user’s perspective, and comes up with new ways to improve product behavior and outcomes.

Outside Re-Leased, Rudolf juggles fatherhood, attending MeetUps, and is a local community board member at Auckland’s suburb of Bayview. He loves spending time with his two young boys, and his wife Karen. He’s an active member of Auckland’s Agile and Product Management Meet-Ups, and is also an avid photographer, always trying to find time to work on his photography portfolio from his travels around the world.

LinkedIn: Rudolf Arada
Skype: rudolf.arada