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New Features, faces and facilities

Jamie McDermott 13 June 2013

It has been a very busy few months for us at Re-Leased! We have just hired our head of sales and marketing, and have secured brand new offices (more details on each of these in upcoming blog posts). Along with this, the development team has continued to work hard on a massive list of new feautres.

Many users have noticed some of the bigger new features already, and it has been great to hear their positive feedback. While other features are in the background of the application and will be a bit harder to spot.

Here is a list of the features pushed out this week:

  • New enhanced drop-down lists for Account & Tax types on invoices/rent line items. Allows the user to type the account name or code eg. rent into the account field instead of scrolling through the drop down list.
  • DPS integration, including full self-management of credit cards and subscriptions for customers.
  • Generate credit notes from a budget wash-up process
  • Opex budgets now support Leases with future terms.
  • We now support ‘Rolling terms’ which allows you to not have an end date to a term, it will continually roll over each month/year/whatever. This will allow month-to-month billing, which is common with residential tenancies.
  • Invoices which fail to sync with Xero are now set back as draft and the user is informed of what they need to do to fix the issue.
  • New tab ‘Overdue’ tab to Income and Expenses section. Highlight added for overdue items in the list as well.
  • More information to pages such as Rent Details etc. so it’s always obvious which lease/property you are in at all times.
  • Changed display of Area lists to be “Area A – 220sqm” rather than just “Area A”.
  • The ‘amount paid’ and ‘status’ fields are now viewable from the invoice details page, not just the list.
  • Property wizard pages now have clearer titles.
  • Due date and reference are now automatically brought across from the original invoice when creating re-charge invoices.
  • Added new icons, and tabs to Lease lists to better identify Leases which are Expired or Cancelled.
  • Contact ‘auto-complete’ fields now indicate if a new contact will be created from the input (i.e. an existing contact was not found).
  • Resolved: When you go into a lease within a property through properties, if you click on leases top right it should take you back to the leases within that property, however it takes you to all leases across all properties which means you have to start over to get back to where you were.
  • Resolved bug where it was possible under particular circumstances for an invoice to be auto-generated more than once on a given day.
  • Lease page now has a Count of all the leases by category.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Enhancements to the Xero sync process for improved robust-ness and catch a few edge cases where duplicate contacts could be created.
  • Ground-work for Xero sync’s to happen in the background always.
  • Invoice/Rent line items can now have multi-line descriptions.

As mentioned above, we are part way through changing the way we sync with Xero. Shortly, all of the syncs will happen in the background of the system, which will reduce waiting time while the data is transferred. This feature, as well as many others, are due out in the coming weeks.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!