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New Features! Analytic Dashboard

Jamie McDermott 18 April 2014

As always the Re-Leased development team have been working hard releasing new and exciting features.

Our new analytic dashboard is an example of how Re-Leased is leading the way for innovation in property management software. These tools are providing owners and managers with deep insight into the performance of their property, quicker than ever before.

This week we will profile two of the graphs we offer:

Income Forecast Graph

In this graph we plot the revenue generated from each company over a certain period. Each line represents a different company in your portfolio. This graph is useful in identifying term or lease expirations. This allows insight into the company’s future cash flow which enables better and quicker decision making. Remember in property ‘CASH FLOW IS KING

Income Forecast

Total Occupancy Graph

This graph will show the occupancy percentage of your properties. As the user, you have full control of the data it includes. Therefore if you have a building which is empty due to redevelopment, you can exclude this from the graph so it does not unfairly represent your total occupancy rates.


Next week we will explain two more of our analytic graphs. As always we would love to hear your feedback on our current offerings- as well as any new ideas that would benefit your company.