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Managing your portfolios more efficiently with our new Inspection Hub

Nathan Stanogias 18 March 2016

Efficiently managing your property inspections is an important part of any successful real estate management office. Knowing where you need to be and when is obviously very helpful, but have you ever driven past one of your properties and wondered why you weren’t inspecting that one on the same day?

Users of Re-Leased Property Management Software are now using the new Inspection Hub to get an overview of their upcoming inspections in one easy-to-navigate place. Here’s a look at my upcoming inspections this month.

I can filter my inspections by property manager or delegate (a user who is responsible for the inspection even though they don’t manage the property). I can also specify a date range, so while in the example above I’m working in the current month, you can plan your inspections further ahead to make sure you get those inspection notices out in a timely fashion.

The first thing I can see is that I have an overdue inspection highlighted in red. Has this been missed, or was the inspection completed and just not updated in the system? As an office manager I can quickly get a sense of what needs to be chased up.

The colour-coded inspection markers allow to me get a better sense of time which is really handy when making sure that I am efficiently planning my inspections. I can see that I have an inspection for 6 Agnew next week, yet there are a number of other inspections that need to be done in that area. Let’s zoom in to take a closer look, and see if there is anything we can do to make sure these inspections take just the one trip.

It looks like I have an inspection on the 22nd, and three more inspections just around the corner on the 29th, 30th and 31st. It’s probably too late to change the inspection date for the 22nd, but I’ll definitely make sure that the next one is done at the same time as these other three. With that in mind, I’m going to make arrangements to move the 3 Bovill and 18 Agnew inspections one day to the 30th of March. Should that be approved I can now reschedule the inspections from right here on the map.

Just hover of the inspection marker, click reschedule and update the details.

Inspection start times are vital when you’re a property manager. As these inspections get closer they will change colour and be more clear to everyone when they need to be completed.

As I add more inspections, I can use the map to ensure that my regularly scheduled inspections are happening at the same time as others in the area, to make my job that much easier.

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