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Maintenance quote improvements - link up with your contractors

Richard Kennedy 07 June 2016

Managing maintenance quotes just became a whole lot easier with Re-Leased’s improvements around the emailed quote link function.

Users of Re-Leased software are now sending out quote requests in bulk, and utilising the quote link to an online form where the contractor can view all the job details, and submit their prices. Property managers are receiving quote information directly into the software, without lifting a finger!

When I select ‘Send Quote Request’ from any maintenance task, I can send the job request out to one or more contractors using my own branded email template. Setting up templates with merge fields mean I can send multiple requests at the same time, which is a great time saver.

Once my tradesmen receive the request they can simply click the link in the email to go online to view all the details including any images I’ve attached to my maintenance task in Re-Leased. The information they see links back into my Re-Leased account, so if I change any details, they will always see the most up to date version.

Not all jobs are as simple as just giving one price, so once the first quote is submitted, the contractor can add further quotes for variations on the same job.

Back in the Re-Leased Maintenance Hub, I can see all the quotes I’ve requested and how many responses have been received.

For each quote request I’m able to quickly see who has and who hasn’t come back to me, and compare the prices I’ve received.

Each response has a link that lets me look at the contractors comments and attached documents.

When I’ve decided which price to go with, I can accept it, and Re-Leased sets up a work order allowing me to email and confirm the go ahead for the job.

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