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Jamie McDermott 21 May 2013

What’s New

The Re-Leased development machine is continuing to operate in top gear. The team is working hard on building and implementing a range of awesome new features. We have just completed the latest release which include a number of tweaks and system improvements, as well as the features below:

Remember and default to last company chosen by user

This allows the user to remain within a company they are working on when switching between windows within the application. This will be very useful when users regularly switch between leases and invoices.

Show ‘Current company’ name in top left corner

A heavily requested feature. By showing the company name the user is working in at the top of the page, the user will always have a quick reference point as to which entity they are in. This will be particularly useful when the application is left idle for a period (answering the phone, email etc..). When the user returns they will know exactly what they were working on.

Postal address is now on contacts and syncs with Xero

Users can now enter the postal address into their contact details in Re-Leased. As with all contact information, this will automatically sync through to Xero- ready to send off to the contact.

Invoices as awaiting approval

Users now have the option to send invoices from Re-Leased to Xero as ‘awaiting approved’

Carpark area generator

When a user creates an area and selects carpark, the system will automatically ask how many car parks are required. Once the number is input, Re-Leased will create all of those carparks as separate areas. This will be a big time saver when entering properties that have dozens if not hundreds of car spaces.

What’s on the way

It is great to have these new features out, and we would love your feedback on them. However, there is no time to rest for the busy development team. Here are some new features to look out for shortly:

  • WALT (weighted average lease term) report
  • Month to month rental ability for residential tenants
  • UK quarterly in advance lease terms
  • Outstanding invoices report

Plus dozens more as we continue to work with our users and continue to optimize the application. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!