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Latest Deployment

Jamie McDermott 16 May 2014

Hi everyone,

Our latest deployment is very exciting for us as it includes the first stages of our new design. As you will have noticed we have been flat out adding new features for the past 18 months. As a result we have decided to spend time focusing on our design to make sure that Re-Leased continues to be simple and intuitive as our functionality continues to grow.

Here is just a few highlights from our recent update:

• Menu – the menu bar has been upgraded to a more appealing presentation.

• Settings – the settings page has been grouped and organised for better utilisation.

• Contacts – under contacts you can now select a contact type – more options on this to come.

• Properties – summary page has been upgraded to a more visual representation.

• Lease Details- Xero contact for invoicing is now highlighted in blue for better clarification.

• In Cell Calculations – you can now type a basic calculation in a cell (ie 25000/12) and it will return the number

• Invoice Preview – you can now select to preview the invoice under the Rent tab prior to the invoice being created.

• Email – added functionality to the distribution list including a property distribution list.

• Text/SMS – this was updated previously. You can now send texts to contacts including group texts to all tenants in a property (ie notice if there’s a car blocking traffic).

• Document & Images – you can now create folders under documents and images.

• Search – improved search functionality.

• Budget vs Actual Report – view the invoices that make up the actual figures once the wash-up is complete.

This release also contains countless small tweaks and improvements that may not be evident at first glance but will improve your experience as a user of Re-Leased.

Thank you for all suggestions and feedback. They have been fundamental in shaping our latest features. Please keep them coming! If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team: