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Experience the magic of the new Residential Tenancy Wizard

Richard Kennedy 31 August 2016

Loading new tenancies in Re-Leased is a breeze with our new Residential Tenancy Wizard! If you’re an existing user of Re-Leased, you would have been pleasantly surprised to see that the process has had a major overhaul. It’s not just a pretty face though; you will soon discover that it’s beautiful on the inside too. In this blog we’ll take a quick look at each step of the wizard and zoom in on a couple of key features.

Clicking the New Tenancy button from the tenancy screen starts the process by asking us for the relevant property. Once added we move onto adding some basic contact details. We’ve brought forward the pertinent contact details to the tenancy creation so you no longer have to go to the contacts afterwards to record basic details. Speaking of contacts, it’s now a piece of cake to add multiple contacts (and their details) from the one screen.

Next up we have the Rent tab. When on the Rent tab of the wizard, after entering the relevant date information you move onto the payment section and you’ll notice that if the tenancy is new you won’t even have to enter a paid to date. Once you have entered the rent amount an awesome list appears to the right which shows you the next upcoming payments with any in arrears marked with a small icon.

At the completion of the wizard any overdue invoices are going to be raised for you, so you don’t need to bother with the old Set Opening Balances button on the rent tab. If you have loaded an existing tenancy and specified a paid to date with a part payment, you’ll even see the amended invoice reflecting the part payment amount.

You may think it’s cool, and you would be right, but the best is yet to come. The tenant might be moving in on a Tuesday, but they get paid every Thursday, and plan to pay you on that day. Instead of cringing at the reality of trying to make this happen, just hit the ‘On The’ day drop down and specify the Thursday. An ammended invoice is created to cover that awkward gap from the first Tuesday to Thursday and then picks up as normal from then on!

Once you’ve entered details for your Online Payment Reference and Rent Overpayment options it’s time to move onto the Bonds page where you can enter a new bond for your new tenant. With the defaults coming through it’s just normally a matter of clicking next.

Rent reviews can then be entered. Just specify the type and generate your next few rent reviews with ease.

The Inspection screen is next and we’ve done something that we think is pretty handy. When a new tenant moves in you’ll no doubt want to perform an entry inspection with the tenant and agree to the condition of the property. After that though, perhaps a month later you will want to go through and perform your first regular inspection and then continue to repeat that process every three months from that day on. It’s hard to capture those requirements in just a single inspection so we have made it easy to add multiple inspections all from within the new tenancy wizard.

Once your first inspections are sorted it’s just a matter of approving any fees that have been triggered by a new tenancy and you’re all done! We hope you enjoy the new Tenancy Wizard and hope it makes your life easier! Sign up for 14-day free trial and see the wizard in action!