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Automated tenancy generation & improved tenant communication is now here!

Richard Kennedy 15 November 2016

Re-Leased’s latest product update has had a number of new features and handy refinements, but if I had to pick my favourites (which I am contractually obliged to do) they would be tenant communication, and automatic tenancy generation.

Tenant communication

Having a clear understanding of who you have spoken to and what you spoke about is something we take for granted in our daily lives. However, when you start managing communication across hundreds of tenancies with multiple individuals associated with each of those tenancies, then you’re going to need to get by with a little help from your property management software.

Re-Leased already has some great bulk communication tools, two of which are in the rent arrears hub and inspections hub. They allow you to send an email, SMS, and physically mail your tenant communications in bulk. Whether it’s a friendly email letting them know that their overnight rent hasn’t come through or an advanced notification of an upcoming inspection, Re-Leased does the heavy lifting for you.

Up until now though the communication has been sent to the main (Account) contact against the tenancy. That has changed. Now under the Tenancy Details tab you can specify how each individual contact is to be communicated with.

In our example above Gordon’s name is on the lease and he wants to be notified of all items. Nigella is in charge of the rent payments so she is happy to also receive any details about missed rent. Heston doesn’t want to know about the rent, but he works from home so he’s the best person to liaise with for inspections. Just don’t ask who does the cooking!

Automatic tenancy generation

We have also introduced the capacity to merge tenant specific information directly from a tenancy, which allows you to generate new tenancy agreements at the click of a button.

We have grouped the templates together and you can now create a new ‘Forms and Agreements’ template. These templates allow you to merge info from a tenancy which you normally won’t find stored against a contact such as ‘paid to date’ and ‘term start date’. Once the template is set up it can be selected from an individual tenancy and the document is populated with lots of handy information that you don’t have to look up.

Although we have named the section ‘Forms and Agreements’ you can really use the feature for any communication related to a tenancy.