The Importance of Property Management Software Engaging All Key Stakeholders

18 August 2017

The Re-Leased platform has been built upon one very important philosophy; any service we provide must be accessible to and benefit all of a property’s key stakeholders. Traditional property management systems stop at the office door, only engaging the property managers themselves. As such, all other key stakeholders are are left unaffected by the many benefits of the platform.

How to manage your student accommodation maintenance; An essential strategy

09 August 2017

As the student accommodation sector becomes a more dynamic and global business the strategic management of student accommodation facilities becomes even more important. What does your strategy look like?

Platform Beats Product

04 August 2017

Our CEO, Tom, recently wrote on LinkedIn about the idea that platform beats product. It is a concept that is becoming more and more popular throughout the entire property industry, but it is probably more relevant to the property management industry than any other.

The Student Housing industry is changing; But what does this mean for independent housing providers?

17 July 2017

The student housing industry is changing rapidly, but what does this mean for independent housing providers? How can they survive against the big players?

Proptech News: Millennials turn to the stock market to fund their property investments and apartment complexes get smart

06 July 2017

In this week’s proptech news we learn that millennials are looking to the stock market to build their wealth and that apartment blocks are getting smarter with the introduction of smart home services.

Re-Leased's Commercial & Residential Property Management Software Update

22 June 2017

This month we have a number of very exciting Re-Leased property software product updates, including a redesigned header, enhanced global search, rent and outgoings/ service charges templates, contacts import and much more.

PropTech News: How Google Plans to Tackle Silicon Valley Housing Crisis, Tesla Deploys Powerpacks and more!

20 June 2017

In this week's PropTech news we discuss Google's plans to tackle the Silicon Valley housing crisis that's crippling companies ability to hire new staff, New Zealand's commercial property stabilisation, Tesla's new commercial property powerpacks and, New York City's own PropTech event, hosted by Metaprop.

The Importance of Meaningful Data In the Property Sector; In Conversation with Dan Hughes (RICS) and Richard Kennedy

19 June 2017

Richard Kennedy, the UK Managing Director of Re-Leased Property Software​ sat down with Dan Hughes​, Director of Data and Information Product Management​ at RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) to discuss exactly how important data is in the commercial and residential property industry.

Proptech News: The Real Estate Industry is Adopting PropTech at Vastly Different Speeds, and more!

08 June 2017

This week's PropTech news looks at how the real estate industry is adopting PropTech at differing speeds, how commercial property investment is down in the UK and France, and why commercial property in Switzerland should excite you.

Why is Usability and Easy-to-Use Software So Important for Property Managers?

02 June 2017

We are bombarded with technology every day, but it is only useful to us if it is truly user-friendly. Usability might be the most essential part of technology. Without it, the tech is worthless. As a property manager, do you know what level of Usability you should be expecting from the tech you use?