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Interactive Dashboard
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Interactive dashboard

You can customise the dashboard to remind you of important dates and tasks, or switch to analytics and see your portfolio performance using real-time data.

Full Document Storage
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Full document storage

With all your property and tenancy documents stored securely in the cloud, you can now access important documents wherever you are, on any device.

Outgoing Budgets
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Outgoing budgets

The powerful outgoings budget and recovery tool lets you set budgets quickly and easily, then Re-Leased will automatically charge your tenants. You can reconcile these costs at the end of the year in minutes with just a few simple clicks, saving over a week in admin time per year on every property.

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Innovation and usability


Send emails or SMS messages directly to your contacts. Customise your own distribution lists and email templates for fast and accurate correspondence.

Contact database

Build up a database of every contact for each property.


Every portfolio is different. Customise your settings and optimise the application to match your needs.

Universal search

Quickly move through the application with the global search bar at the top of your browser window.

Real-time reporting

Using a web browser, you can track your portfolio’s performance from anywhere, anytime.

Free, regular upgrades

We listen closely to your feedback, and never stop developing.

No limits

Unlimited number of companies

Access all your companies from one account at no extra cost.

Unlimited users

Full control over access settings makes important information available to all your staff, owners, shareholders, solicitors and accountants wherever they are in the world.

Unlimited properties

Upload and manage unlimited properties from a single account – so you can manage your entire portfolio from one location.

Support and setup

Training and support

Our dedicated customer service team will get you up and running in minutes. And we offer full, ongoing support at no extra cost.

Data migration

Our data migration tool lets you spend your free trial learning the benefits of Re-Leased, not manually entering data.

Full user help guide

The application contains a full help guide, for any quick questions. Or you can call our dedicated customer service team.

Safe and secure

Keeping your data safe and secure is our number one priority. That’s why we use industry-leading cloud services. Read our ‘System Backups & Security’ page to find out more.